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The Bekaa Valley, seven to nine hundred metres above sea level, is home to some of the oldest and most original motifs of ancient wine and wine making.


From the coastal cities, the Phoenicians exported their wines across the Mediterranean Sea, while in Baalbeck, one is faced with the awe-inspiring temple of Bacchus – the Roman God of Wine – celebrating the valley’s fertility and it’s role as the Romans Empire’s vineyard.


The valley is once again proving it can produce great wines, is proud to perpetuate this ancient tradition.


Pieure - Chateau Kasaru £21.95

Lebanon £6.95 a glass

Exotic fruit flavours and hints of spice and liquorice. A well rounded and lingering exceptional red wine with an expressive aroma evoking red ripe fruits.

Domaine des Tourelles £24.95


A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. It has a wonderful rich ruby hue while the nose gives a hint of Morello cherries and other spices.

Musar ‘Jeuane’ Rouge  £25.95


An unoaked blend of Cinsault, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon from youthful Bekaa Valley vines.

Reserve du Couvent - Chateau Kasara £26.95


A delicate light oak background with typical cassis and black cherry flavours.

Red Classic - Massay £31.45


Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. This Rhone/Bordeaux blend is packed with juicy plummy fruit.

Chateau Musar £49.95


A truly iconic wine. This wine has been produced year in, year out under some of the harshest conditions any winemaker could ever work under and yet the Hochar family have continually produced a wine which quite rightly is revered as one of the wine world’s true gents.

Ca di Ponti Nero d'Avola £ 19.95

Italy £5.95 a glass

A deep coloured, medium-bodied red with aromas of ripe plum & black cherry.

Vignobles du Sud Merlot  £20.95


Supple plumy fruit with a lighter feel on the palate, great with meaty dishes.

Vega Piedra Rioja  £23.45


Un-oaked Rioja which remains that wild strawberry fruit with a soft fresher palate


Blanc de L'obseratoire - Chateau Kasara £21.95

Lebanon £6.95 a glass

Medium bodied with a subtle fruit and soft finish.

Blanc du clos £24.95


A hand blend grape variety of Chardonnay and Viognier, hand-picked from clay and limestone slopes of the Bekaa Valley. With a yellow colour and an intense exotic aroma.

Domaine des Tourelles White £24.95


This wine has blooming reflections and aromas. Blended of Ugni Blanc, Clairette and Muscat. It’s harmonious and sharp, with hints of citrus fruit conveying a sensation of freshness.

Musar 'Jeune' Blanc £26.45


An un-oaked blend of Viognier, Vermentino and Chardonnay. This is a wine filled with intense aromas of pear and apricot with savoury herbal notes.

Blanc de Blanc - Chateau Kefreya £31.45


A typical blend of Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Clairette and Ugni Blanc. Charm and drink-ability.


Ca di Ponti Cataratte £19.95

Italy £5.95 a glass

A grape that few people have heard of... But what a wine is this!! Subtle mineral notes and then a delightfully fruity centre. Delicious!

Princpato Pinot Grigio £20.95


Pinot Grigio has become the Italian white wine and when it’s as crisply refreshing and enjoyable as this then it’s not hard to see why.

Chat en Oeuf Blanc £23.45


It’s a cat sat on an egg! Funny label but a great wine with citrus fruit, apricot and a touch of spice.


Massaya Rose - Tanail Bekka Valley £22.95

Lebanon £6.95 a glass

Cincault, Syrah, deliciously dry with masses of strawberry flavours.

Musar ‘Jeuane’ Rose £25.95


Lighter pink in the classic style of a Provence Rose, this is subtle yet complex. Raspberries, red apples, and toasted almonds on a smooth rounded palate with a savoury fresh finish.

Gris de Gris - Chateau Kasara  £31.45


A fresh and intense salmon pink wine that draws its particularity from the Carignan and the Grenache.


Monferrato Ciaretto £19.95

Italy  £5.95 a glass

Produced from the Piemonte region of Northern Italy from the Barbera grape. It has ripe, juicy strawberry and cherry fruit flavours.

Ancora Pinot Grigio Rose £20.95


A deliciously enjoyable wine which is just a touch off-dry and packed with charm and drink-ability.

Sparkling Wines & Champagnes

Domenico de Bertiol Prosecco Frizzante £24.95


Slightly lighter in alcohol and softer in fizz but as much frivolous fun as you can get in a glass.

Gromillet Brut Selection Champagne £49.95


Twice voted best non vintage Champagne (IWSC) and more than worthy of the accolade, excellent champers.

Vouve Cliquot Brut Champagne £69.95


With its iconic yellow label and centuries of history Veuve Clicquot is a wine with style and pedigree. Toasted brioche and soft elegance.







Gordons Gin

Smirnoff Vodka
















Famous Grouse Whisky

Single Malt Whisky

Bacardi Rum

Baileys Irish Cream


















Stella Artois (330ml 5% alcohol) £3.95

Budweiser (330ml 5% alcohol) £3.95

Becks (275ml 5% alcohol) £3.95

Moretti (330ml 4.6% alcohol) £3.95

Lebanese (330ml 4.3% alcohol) £4.95



Coca Cola £2.95

(iconic glass bottle)

Diet Coca Cola  £2.95

iconic glass bottle

Sprite £2.95

Tonic Water £2.95

Appletiser  £3.25

275ml - 100% apple fruit juice with a touch of sparkle

J20  £3.25

orange & passion fruit or apple & mango

Orange Juice £2.45

per glass

Robinsons Fruit Shoot £1.95

apple & blackcurrant

Still/ Sparkling Water £2.20



Americano £3.25

A shot of espresso slowly infused with hot water to create a long black coffee.

Espresso £3.25

A short invigorating shot of coffee with intense flavour Café.

Latte £3.25

A delicious combination of Espresso and steamed milk crowned with a smooth, velvety layer of milk.


Cappucino £3.25

A luxurious mix of Espresso, steamed milk & velvety froth.

Latte Macchiato £3.25

A tall combination of hot steamed milk stained with Espresso.

Mochaccino £3.25

A wonderful infusion of Espresso, steamed milk & chocolate.

Hot Chocolate £3.25

A delightfully indulgent combination of chocolate & steamed milk topped with milk froth.

Lebanese Tea £2.50

Lebanese Coffee £3.25 

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